Valentines Day Episodes

Hey guy’s! Today is Valentines Day (or the day after for some) so I decided to post the names of all of the Valentine’s Day episodes. I will be commenting which ones are my favorites as I write their names down as they come to mind.

Love is in the Air part 1 and 2:

I truly like part two more than part one. This is the first episode I think about when I think about Valentine’s day. (Someone remind me to do a review about these two episodes please.)

Prequels of Love:

Yes, yes, and yes! What is there not to like about this episode? It has Bernard and Bart, an amazing combination of characters for an episode. Also, I love how Bart wants to send them to the attic instead of the basement. “Don’t touch my pork rinds!”

First Love:

Connie and Jeff. Yes please! (Comment if Connie and Jeff are better than Connie and Jason.) I always hope that Jeff will appear in future episodes.

Mum’s the Word

I have always felt like this episode is charming, but I honestly have only listened to it about two times- unlike the other episodes I have named. I think I like the Present Long Ago is slightly better. (Is the Present Long Ago a Valentine’s Day episode? I guess you can say it kinda is because we find out Mandy married Trent.)

Now before I go further, I have a confenssion to make. These episodes I will now name I have a very- gasp -vague memory of. And I probably will go listen to them after I write this post. I am also now using the aiowiki for the names…

The Last “I Do”

(no comment do to the fact I don’t recall this episode.)

The Trouble With Girls

(same as the comment before.)

Wrapped Around Your Finger

Okay, I do slightly remember this one. It’s about Eugene and Katrina.

Met His Match

Umm… I did not really enjoy this episode.

That is about the only episodes I could think about and I found on the wiki. If I missed any please let me know and maybe I’ll do a part two. Thanks for reading!

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