ODYSSEY OWL (interview with Allie Barrett)

Richard MaxwellI am… sorry, Mr. Riley. And I hope you can forgive me… one of these days.
Tom RileyJust get out. Get out.

— #159: “The Homecoming”

Shalom guys! As you can see, I started off today’s interview with a Richard Maxwell quote, which can mean one thing. Today I’m interviewing Allie Barrett!

As I’m sure most of y’all know, Allie was Michael LaFaver’s co-host in the The AIOWiki Podcast. She is also one of the biggest Richard Maxwell fan’s I know about.

I’ve been wanting to do this interview with her for a long time, so without further ado, here is my interview with Allie Barrett.

When was the first time you started listening to AIO?

The first time I ever heard an odyssey episode, I was eight…maybe? I don’t have great memory. But the first time I genuinely listened to Odyssey and cared about it was when I was 12, and I listened through Darkness Before Dawn.

I’m sure I know your answer for this question, but here it goes: Have you ever had a crush on a character or actor from AIO

Haha, I’ve had an ongoing (what, six years at this point?) crush on Richard Maxwell, no surprise there. I think at this point it’s a mix between I have a crush on him and I wanna be him. Who knows!

Oh yeah, and I also had a much-less significant crush on Jason when I was younger lol

Ooo for reals though, Richard is AMAZING

What’s your favorite episode(s)?

Another Chance, partly because it was the first episode I ever truly listened to, and partly because of Richard. The Mortal Coil, A Sacrificial Escape, The Black Veil, and the Top Floor were all killer episodes though.

I had to really think about that one lol

Lol, those are on my top 20.

If you could change something from AIO, what would you change? And what do you want for the future of Odyssey?

Oh goodness, I think I would keep some characters around. There was so much that could have been done with these characters, like Richard, Monica Stone, Jellyfish, it feels like a missed opportunity. I would give them all better endings or at least some closure. As for the future of Odyssey, ooohh my. There’s a lot of power in that question. I would want to maybe see some of these older characters come back, like possibly have the kid characters of old odyssey come back as adults with their own families! It would be nice to have some new families mixed in with ones from the past. I want AIO to give Eugene a proper send off, with the passing of Will Ryan, I don’t want them to replace Eugene or send him off on a mission trip. I pray they give us solid closure to his character.

I didn’t mean for that answer to be that long XD

It’s fine, good points.

What villain would you want to come back?

PHILIP GLOSSMAN, THAT RAT OF A MAN Hands down, the best worst villain in Odyssey.

He was one of the best worst villains for sure.

What do you think about the CEMS team from the episode The Team?

The epitome of bad ideas. Horrid. Loathsome. They didn’t even ask for cONSENT on Emily’s part, manipulative, gaslighting, EW.

The team would have been fine if it hadn’t have been them pressuring Emily into being a part of it and acting like nothing bad ever happened.

So very true.

Here’s the last question: What do you want to see more from Odyssey?

I would love to see more drama. I want another big saga like Novacom or Blackgaard, not particularly like the Rydell saga. I would love to see them continue to tackle hard topics, like depression, trauma response, and even gaslighting, but just tackle it in a healthy way.

That would be the most of it lol

I agree they need better sagas, not like the Rydell saga.

Any last words for my readers?

I would say to your readers, 1: BE NICE TO REBELDE, show her love because she’s amazing. 2: y’all need to make some more fanfiction and fan art, please we need some more fan content in this community. 3: don’t be mean to people and show love no matter what. And 4: Richard Maxwell (after his redemption) will forever be the best character of Odyssey. I am taking no constructive criticism

Ya’ll listen to Alli

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