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New Episode!! My thoughts on the episode Morning!

!!!SPOILER ALERT!!! ALBUM 73: 28 Hours, episode #946 Morning

Hey guys! It’s Mel! I have some theories in what will happen, but one is most important… I want Jillian to be the bad girl and SHE BETTER BE THE CHAIRMANS DAUGHTER!!! Which you should go read my post on that:

I would love it is Monica Stone would come back, and I would obviously like it if Richard Maxwell would come back.

I think Jillian is going to “help out” but in reality be a distraction or something. But we’ll see after I listen to it!

Alright, first off we have Whit starting the intro, which is nice to hear either though it is Andre Stojka.

“I eat my feelings” ~Jason

I love that

Ewww what is Connie doing? How dare she ship Jason and Jillian. I cringe.

Also, is it just me, or is Jason and Connie starting to sound older?

Oof, now Detective Polehaus is looking for a date? Haha

Ooof spraypaint… it’s gotta be Jillian then because she works there.

“I didn’t hear my alarm. Or maybe I didn’t set it. Or maybe I don’t have an alarm.” ~Jillian Marshall

Jillian: You know I was thinking-

Polehaus: Everyone take cover

Me: That’s great haha

YESSS FIRE HER JASON!! (Ok, I need to stop. Or not)

Woah, waiittt don’t crash into Jason!!!

Yes Jillian it is your fault. Don’t pay attention to Connie.

Whoever crashed into Jason is a very sus person.

Mhmmm sureee. Sure you didn’t crash into Jason on purpose.

Oh his name is Oscar.

Sus ambulance. My sister said that it’s probably a fake ambulance.

Noo not the backboard. It’s terrible when you’re strapped into a backboard! You can’t move to say your life.

Of couse Jillian ruins the evidence…

The watch is a distraction!

“I solved the case” ~Jillian (Why is she annoying?)

*gasp* Jason was kidnapped?? Ayyeee this is getting good!

Yes, Jillian, it’s your fault for being the Chairmans daughter! (Ok, but we don’t actually know that, but it is totally possible.)

“My lips are literally sealed”~Jillian

Umm eww… no.. don’t say that Jillian. He can’t be more then your boss. No. No. I revolt!

Ooohhh yeaaa! Let’s gooo!! She’s got it all under control…

YESSSSSSSSS!! I CANNOT WAIT FOR THE NEXT EPISODE! I have so many thoughts on this, but I’ve gotta go, and will be back next week!


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