What if Jillian is…

Alright so I just found out that my friend listens to AIO. While I was talking with him about the Novacom saga and the Chairman something occured to me that it is possible for Jillian to be the Chairman’s daughter.

It can totally be possible. Just imagine it:

Jillian is in Odyssey to see how things are going and she tries making a bond with Jason, Whit’s son. From there it’s just a matter of her building trust with him (I know that’s doubtful but you never know.) She get’s the parts for the Imagination station or something, tells the Chairman that it is the perfect time for him to come back. Then maybe somehow that’s the way Eugene leaves.

It’s just a bunch of thoughts, but I think it would be really cool if she would be the Chairman’s daughter. Maybe the next album will reveal she is the Chairman’s daughter. Or not.

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