ODYSSEY OWL (interview with Marisa from At My Whits End)

Hey guy’s! (I should probably find a better intro to my posts but nothing seems my style.) I interviewed Marisa from At My Whits End a while back, and actually forgot about it untill today. So without further ado, let’s get into the interview.

When was the first time you listened to AIO?

That is so hard to say! The first episodes I remember were from albums 43 and 44. The tapes of course. I’m pretty sure my mom got them from a garage sale! So I’ve been at least aware of the existence of aio for as long as I can remember

What made you want to have a YouTube channel?

The reason I’m doing what I’m doing now is entirely because of Adventures in Editing. If you’re unfamiliar with AiE, it is a fantastic channel with top level AIO lip sync videos and incredible acting. At the time I found it, I had been experimenting with an editing program and figured out how to do a split screen and double myself. From there it was just having fun and making videos and deciding I wanted to share them with people!

Have you ever had a crush on an AIO character or actor?

Jason was the man for me for a period of time…

What’s your favorite episode(s)?

*Takes deep breath. In the car we listened to Sunday Morning Scramble so many times my parents banned it. Followed by that one, I would have to say Odyssey Sings and the Great Wishy Woz!

If you could change something from Odyssey, what would it be? What do you want for the future of Odyssey?

I don’t know that I’d change anything about Odyssey… Maybe get rid of the Nicholas Adamsworth episodes… I just can’t stand to listen to them. As for the future, I’ll just settle for Odyssey continuing. Maybe have a few episodes more applicable to older audiences? Older episodes like “A Model Child” and “No Bones About it” were fantastic. They were safe for children, but older people could also glean something from them.

If you could make a character, how would it be?

A relevant, likeable, older teenager character. Please.

What villain would you like to see comeback?

I want Jillian to have been a villain the whole time. But since that will likely never happen, I’ll go with the Chairman. Come on! We can’t end a saga with “It’s over… for now…” and just forget that loose end!

Alright, that was my interview with Marisa. I hope you enjoyed it and thanks for reading!

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